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Simon Hall Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

Do I need an award-winning Will Writer?

Are you in search of an award-winning Will Writer? Look no further than Simon Hall Will Writing Services which has received several accolades.

However, in answer to the question, “Do I need an award-winning Will Writer?” – you don’t necessarily! In actual fact, you could get your solicitor to help you plan your estate although this may be unnecessarily expensive. Or you could use a local Estate Planner who offers a discounted rate. Or a Will Writer provided by a charity you support. (Many charities offer Wills for free, in the hope you will leave them a legacy).

There are different options to choose from depending on the budget you have in mind. (See What is the cost of a Will). However, when it comes to such an important document, you will probably want to ensure you are investing in the best possible option. So consider choosing a company that has been recognised for their exceptional service.

Award-winning Will Writer, Simon Hall

Simon Hall Will Writing Services has received the following recognition to date.

  • UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Winner
  • EC Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Finalist 
  • SME UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Winner
  • EC Ambassador of the Year 2022 Finalist
  • SME Business Award 2022
  • Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award 2022 Winner
  • Three Best Rated Certificate of Excellence 2022
  • Business Champion of the Year, 2022 Winner
  • FSB Small Business Awards 2023 Finalist

The Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award for 2022 recognised Simon Hall Will Writing as a company that has “helped thousands of people with their expertise.” More recently Simon and his business partner, Linda May were in Bristol in May to attend the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Celebrating Small Business Awards 2023. Simon qualified as a finalist in the Self-employed Freelance of the Year Award which celebrates small businesses and the self-employed.

Business champion of the year

Perhaps Simon’s most prestigious accolade to date was being Business Champion of the Year, 2022  (pictured). This was part of the Your Partnerships 5th Anniversary Awards on Saturday 25 March 2023 at Boringdon Golf Club in Plymouth.  The award is given to recognise “the business that has introduced any product or service that has helped other business grow or survive.”

“Wow, so surprised and humbled to win this award,” said Simon. “It recognises individuals in the business world who have made notable contributions to their industry and/or community. It was truly an honour to be chosen amongst many other talented professionals. I am dedicated to fostering positive relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

“Building trust and creating meaningful connections has always been a top priority for us, so it feels great to see that effort being rewarded. Winning this award has only strengthened our commitment to continued growth, learning, and giving back. Thank you.”  

Award-winning will writer Simon Hall holding his trophy

Simon holding his trophy for ‘Business Champion of the Year, 2022″ Though such recognition is welcomed by Simon and Linda, as a celebration of all the effort they have put into their work at Simon Hall Will Writing Services, what is more important to them is that each of  their clients receives award-winning service. This is in keeping with the company’s catchy slogan, “Your friendly, but professional Will Writer”!

It is client reviews like these that are first and foremost in Simon and Linda’s mind as to how the company is performing, and way more important than winning awards.

  • Anne-Marie writes: “I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and efficiency shown by Simon Hall Will Writing company. Having only dealt with solicitors when doing wills the process was so much more friendly and easy. Simon came out to us at a time that suited us. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. Legal jargon was kept to a minimum with everything explained throughly in English. The process only took less than three weeks from the first meeting to the finished wills. With Linda in the office making sure the documents were posted promptly, it ran so smoothly. I have started to recommend them to my friends. I only wish I knew about Simon before my parents spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on their wills, with Simon’s services costing a faction of that, with a better personalised service.”
  • Andy says: “We wanted to update our wills having last done so many years ago when our children were very young. Simon who was recommended to us was very friendly and helpful. He talked us through the different options and made some suggestions that we hadn’t considered. We were able to do everything remotely at a time that was convenient for us. Would definitely recommend Simon to anyone looking to make a will for the first time or to update a previous will.

“We are delighted to have 101 positive reviews like these on our website,” says Linda, “These in tandem with the recognition Simon has received from various business bodies, stand us in good stead as a company with an ability to handle all types of Wills, from simple to complex as well as LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney), Trusts and of course, Probate services. Please feel free to contact us today.”

Simon Hall Will Writing Services is a Member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers; The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the company is ICO registered.

The importance of having a well-crafted Will cannot be overstated, and it’s crucial to have a professional who can guide you through the process. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right Estate Planner for your needs. However, by choosing an award-winning Will Writer, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest level of expertise and quality.

“Recognition is so underrated in what we do in life and these awards mean so much to me,” Simon says. “I’ve got to admit it’s been an incredible year!

Simon Hall Will Writing Services

Simon Hall Will Writing Services was started by Simon Hall in 2019 to provide our clients with peace of mind both now and in future. We offer Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate.