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Simon Hall CSR – We’re helping James make a difference in Kenya

As part of our Simon Hall CSR programme, the company is sponsoring James Rainton who attends Clystvale Community College to go on a Camps International Expedition to Kenya in 2025.

James (14) and some of his school friends are planning to visit the East African nation for a month next year which includes project work to assist disadvantaged villagers. We were impressed with this young man’s community spirit as well as his ability to plan ahead, approaching sponsors well in advance of his Jambo Kenya trip.

Simon Hall CSR - Linda Hall with James Rainton

We were happy to take up his innovative offer of wearing branded clothing to raise funds. James will be donning a Simon Hall Will Writing cap over the next year and using one of our bags. Our colleague Duncan Attwood of fit20 Exeter is also sponsoring him, hence the fit20 T-shirt.

Funnily enough all this happened through One Magazine where we are an advertiser. James has a part time job delivering the magazines in his area and will now be using one of our bags for deliveries. He is also a keen golfer so we will be well represented at his local driving range and on the golf course.

James shares how he came to choose Africa for an expedition. “Camps International came to my school and introduced us to this opportunity. I thought it would be a good opportunity not only to see the wildlife, but also help rural people.”

What animals does he most want to see? “Lions!” he answers.

And how will he make a difference? “We see the videos of children walking far distances to access heavy loads of dirty water that they carry for miles and it could end up killing them. I will be helping to provide clean access to drinking water by installing fountain taps.”

This is commendable and is an important part of the UN’s sustainability goals. James says he will also be helping to build more sustainable structures for people to live in.

Finally, how does James view Estate Planning at his young age? “I think it is a good thing in case things don’t go well. The people around me are aware of the companies I am advertising and some of them are at the stage when they need a Will. Planning is always a good thing. And if it doesn’t go well, you’ve always got a backup, I guess.”

We hope James takes loads of pics of his trip and look forward to reporting back.

Should anyone like to support James with his Kenyan adventure, email him at

Simon Hall CSR

At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we are committed to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility projects giving back to our community where possible. We are also big on branding so are pleased James is able to make good use of some of our items of clothing to get the message across that we care about people and helping them to plan ahead.

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