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What Does A Will Cost?

what is the value of a Will for your life and those that you love
The cost of getting your Will right

This is a question that I get asked, generally it is not the first question I’m asked, normally it is ‘I want to do my Will can you help?’

Pricing could be a sensitive matter for you, and you probably want to get the best value for money, don’t we all?

Before asking that question…. ‘I want to do my Will can you help?’, the first question should be ‘how much do I value my life and those around me?’  Starting with this question may help you in the first instance of what you should be looking for.

The internet is a wonderful thing, and it is true you can purchase a ‘DIY’ Will online for £19.99. However, is this what you consider to be the sum value of your life? 

Quite often I get approached by people who have taken the DIY route and have either realised there’s more to it than they first thought or simply never took off the wrapping from their purchase and left it in the drawer.

So, where do you begin for a Will that will fit your purpose, start by asking some simple questions:

Am I comfortable dealing with an online BOT or prefer to speak with someone?

Would I like to have an online or offline conversation/meeting?

Being of a sensitive nature, would I prefer to meet someone in an office or the comfort of my own home?

Do I really understand everything that is involved with making a Will?

Does the Will have to be impersonal or could I add my personality?

I’m sure that you can add to this list as it is not exhaustive.  

Possibly the two main questions would be:

1: Once I have completed my Will, does it do what I want it to do and when I’ve passed away, do my Executors/Trustees have a straightforward role to play in settling my estate?  This latter point is key as death can provoke unusual behaviour in people as they come to terms with losing you.

2: Am I getting value for money?   Of course, this is relative to your own circumstances.

Remember, I said that you could buy a Will online for £19.99, but what is the upper limit? Potentially there isn’t one and a lot can depend on the complexity of your estate which may mean it could run into thousands of pounds.

Putting complexity to one side, if you were looking to have your Will written professionally then £250 would possibly be a fair guide.

Finally, if you are looking to have your Will written professionally, you have a choice from Will Writers or Will Writing Services with organisations such as Solicitors.

If you are still not sure which to choose, it’s always worth checking their online reviews as this will at least reveal the experience and value from a customer viewpoint.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is your friendly, but professional Will Writer. He started Simon Hall Will Writing Services in 2019 to provide clients with peace of mind both now and in future. The company, which has recently won two awards, offers Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate.