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LPAs and Wills for Devon Farmers

Simon Hall Will Writing Services is pleased to offer expert agricultural succession planning services including LPAs and Wills for Devon farmers. Based in Exeter, we are surrounded by the lush green countryside and many thriving farms and smallholdings. So, it’s no wonder we are often asked to serve the local agricultural community.

In fact, our founder, Simon Hall, lives on the edge of Dartmoor and providing Wills for Devon farmers has become a speciality in our business. Subsequently, we fully understand the complexities of agricultural succession planning especially in the Southwest of England. Another key component, of course is the ever-important Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) precautions that provide so much peace of mind.

You may have come across our website searching for answers to questions you have about Estate Planning in Devon, including The Cost of a Will in Exeter. We are happy to answer these in a free, no obligation consultation. Or perhaps you have been searching for information on Wills for Devon farmers? At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we handle the full spectrum of Succession Planning, but this post focuses on farm owners.

Wills for Devon farmers

Wills for Devon farmers

In our experience, local farmers are often looking for answers to these five questions:

  1. How can I ensure that my farm and assets will be passed on to my chosen heirs?
  2. Is it necessary to have a separate Will for my farm or can I include it in my personal Will?
  3. How can I plan for the continuation of my farm business in the event of my incapacity or death?
  4. How does a Will prevent potential disputes amongst my family members or partners over the distribution of assets or management of the farm?
  5. How frequently should I review and update my Will as a farmer?


These are just a few examples of questions you may have. You may also have queries that are unique to your situation in which case it’s best to consult with an Estate Planning professional for specific guidance. Our Estate Planners at Simon Hall Will Writing Services are happy to discuss all your particular concerns in a friendly, but professional way.

LPAs for the Agricultural Community

On the importance of Lasting Power of Attorney, Simon offers the following advice:”Should you become incapacitated for any reason, the effect on your farming business can be incredibly damaging and extremely stressful for your family, especially if decisions need to be made quickly. This is why it’s important to have a LPA in place,” he maintains.

“Should you lose mental capacity, and you don’t have an LPA, an application would need to be made to the Court of Protection to have someone appointed as your Deputy to run your affairs. This process can take months and sometimes years with the costs mounting up. So, taking action as a precaution is a wise choice,” Simon continues.

How we can help

Simon Hall Will Writing Services can not only help you with your Will, but we can also  draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney document on your behalf. This will mean that you can rest assured that, should it become necessary, your farm business will be handled by someone who is familiar with your farm and the way you run it.

When considering attorneys, you can choose family members, friends or professionals provided they are over 18, have mental capacity and are not bankrupt or subject to a debt relief order. More than one attorney can be appointed and you can allow them to act jointly. This option provides more flexibility as decisions can still be made if one attorney is not available.

An attorney acting under an LPA has a great deal of responsibility over your affairs. It is imperative therefore that you chose the right person/s.  And it goes without saying that it’s best to check with them up front to ensure they are willing and able to take on the role.

“All farms are structured differently, whether your farm is run as a sole trader, a limited company or in a partnership, we will draw up an LPA that truly reflects your wishes,” says Simon. “Our office will ensure the paperwork is correctly filled out and that your LPA is properly registered with the Office of the Public Guardian and therefore valid.

Whether you require a Will, updated Will, Family Trust, LPA or Probate services Simon Hall Will Writing Services can assist you.

“Sadly, we often come across people who are fearful about their mortality when they should be living their life to the full, knowing their affairs are taken care of no matter what may happen. We aim to facilitate this in a positive, approachable, and conversational manner in the comfort of a client’s home.

“Most of our clients find a face-to-face conversation in their home reassuring and when it comes to writing wills for Devon farmers, they genuinely want us to visit the farm and get a feel for the land they wish to protect. Our clients in their late 70s or 80s are often fearful of letting go of control of their lives, but in reality, we can help them extend their independence for as long as possible.”

Please contact our team at Simon Hall Will Writing Services on 01392 540 996 or via email You can also follow Simon on LinkedIn

Simon Hall Will Writing Services

Simon Hall Will Writing Services was started by Simon Hall in 2019 to provide our clients with peace of mind both now and in future. We offer Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate.