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Simon Hall Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Fees

It’s a bit challenging to give exact Estate Planning fees as needs vary. However we offer guidelines and a FREE consultation to figure things out.

We understand how important every penny is to everyone. That is why we are completely transparent with our pricing. 

Estate Planning fees

Following our free initial consultation, we will present you with a suite of options, similar to a restaurant menu.

For example, a Single Will costs £264. A Mirrored Will (for a couple) costs £450. For more information see our blog post entitled: What is the cost of a Will?

Trusts on the other hand are more complex, with an average cost of approximately £1200, these are only recommended if there is a good reason for you to have them, for example: protecting your home, allowing someone to live in your home after you have passed away, or protect a vulnerable beneficiary, to name a few.

Lasting Power of Attorney ‘LPA’ would be £382 per application, however there may be reductions/remissions when dealing with couples or if you are in receipt of certain benefits.

With Estate Administration, ‘Probate’, here we work with you on an hour-by-hour basis which is currently set at £78 per hour.  This is because in most cases, when we are asked to help, we only get involved with specific tasks and not the whole process.


  • We offer Home Visits or Online Appoinments and they are FREE
  • Following your appointment you receive a summary of the meeting so that you have time to understand and decide your next step
  • Legally binding documents
  • Your children and family are protected
  • We complete the documents ourselves
  • This is not a ‘one-off’ transaction, we aim to support you and your family for as long as you wish

All the above includes VAT.

Simon Hall Will Writing Services Pricing Value - How much will a will cost?
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No Surprises:

We want you to be fully informed before making any decisions.  During your FREE consultation, we’ll make sure you understand what’s necessary and what it will cost.  That way, there won’t be any unexpected Estate Planning fees or expenses.

Extra Services:

We can also offer you third party secure storage for your important documents, such as your Will.  If you prefer, we can offer you ways to securely store your documents at home.

No Additional Costs:

Once we start working with you, there won’t be any extra charges for follow-up discussions or annual check-ins.  We aim to keep assisting you even after the main objectives have been completed.

Our Core Objective:

Our wish is to help you comprehend complex topics related to your future, even if they’re not easy for you to discuss.  We want you to be well-informed and make the best choice for your future and your family’s future.

Our Values:

We’re all about helping people.  Our aim is to treat you as an individual, taking an holistic view about your life and looking at the bigger picture.  It’s like considering all the pieces of the puzzle.

How We Work with You:

We prefer to meet you in the comfort of your own home, like a friendly visit.  However, sometimes it’s not always possible to do this with busy schedules or distance, here we can chat with you online through video calls.

Our Mission:

Our main goal is to help people like you and your family make informed decisions about your future.  We want you to have the knowledge and tools to plan for your legacy, we’re all about providing you with the information that you need.

We hope this provides a clearer picture for you. If you have any more questions about our Estate Planning fees or anything else, feel free to get in touch.