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Why you shouldn’t leave your Will to the last minute

Exeter Will Writer, Simon Hall has often come across emergency situations in the past five years he has been in business. In this post he shares why you shouldn’t leave your Will until the last minute, backing up his advice from a real-life situation. 

Simon Hall Will Writing Services maintains the highest confidentiality with our clients, so we don’t share details about specific clients. In this instance the family of a woman in her 30s, is permitting me to do so, given their gratitude for what I was able to accomplish for them in a matter of days, or perhaps you could say hours.

I want to tell you about a Will I wrote for a mother of two via Zoom from her hospital bed. She was bravely dealing with terminal cancer. We literally did a Will online for her one Friday afternoon. It was signed and sent in the weekend post and arrived on my doormat on the Monday morning. I counter-signed the Will as legally required, scanned the document, and sent it back to her via Whatsapp.

“Thank you very much,” she said. They were her last words to me.

A few hours later she passed away. That Monday evening, she left two grieving children behind along with two very devastated parents.

I tell you this story because this dear woman almost left it too late. Despite being badgered to get her Will done she waited until literally the final moment. Having said that, it’s almost as if she hung on to make sure her Will was in order. The only consolation in a very sad scenario was that at least she could let go in the knowledge that her wishes would be carried out concerning her children and estate.

You’ve probably heard of similar situations. Unfortunately, many people just don’t see the value of preparing in advance and some die without a Will in place which causes endless problems for their surviving loved ones and family. So, I respectfully caution you not to leave your Will until the last minute. It’s just not worth it!

Others don’t plan their estate due to a crippling phobia about the future. All too often I come across people who are dragging a millstone of fear around their neck. It’s the fear of mortality and they are terrified to admit that one day their life will come to an end. Such people are blind to the fact that they’ve got a life to live first.

As an Exeter Will Writer, based at Matford Business Centre, my role is to allay this apprehension, helping them to overcome the dread, and reduce the unease or terror in their lives. The answer is to embrace the process of leaving a legacy and we make this as easy as possible, while you are still alive. We do this in a non-threatening, reassuring way in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

Once your Will is written you can have the peace of mind to get on living your life! Likewise with Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate Services.

Exeter Will Writer Simon Hall

A Day in the Life of an Exeter Will Writer

Of course, I don’t only deal with emergencies. In any given week I will work with a number of different people. Here’s an example of a recent day I spent travelling to see clients.

First thing in the morning I met with a couple who wanted to protect their children by having guardianship set in place. They were both teachers and we had to meet out of term time to suit their busy schedule. I was glad to be able to leave them with the confidence that I would update their Will accordingly.

My next visit was to a woman in a remote area of Devon. Unfortunately, the lady had been disinherited by her own mother, so she didn’t want the same thing to happen to her family. I was able to start the process of ensuring her wishes would be carried out with certainty.

Then ironically, my day ended in an idyllic setting in an historic mansion. The gentleman had multiple properties, but he wanted a Will that would exclude some of his family members. It’s always difficult dealing with exclusion, but it is increasingly a part of modern life. Often it is an estranged spouse which is understandable or there are other good reasons for disinheriting a family member.

It’s not for me to judge, my job is to initiate a very careful process that will guarantee my client’s wishes are adhered to without any confusion. Sometimes they may wish to provide the reasoning behind their decision making or not.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t delay. Otherwise, the chances are that a person you may have fallen out with may stand to inherit what is no longer rightfully theirs. Having your wishes written down in a legal format or your Will updated in a professional way will put your mind at rest.

My work is mostly joyous however there is also the serious side. At the end of the day, it’s all about my clients and ensuring their specific requirements are met. The reality is that everyone has different needs and so no two Wills are the same.

If you live in the Southwest of England and need further advice about planning your Estate and all the complexities that may entail, then carefully consider How to locate the best Will Writers in ExeterYou may need a Will written or updated, or a Lasting Power of Attorney document drawn up, a Trust or Probate Services. We take care of all these services and of course these are not restricted to Devon. I just happen to be an Exeter Will Writer who lives on the edge of Dartmoor!

The important thing is to have a current Will in place otherwise on the event of your untimely passing, your family are going to have a real problem if your wishes are not written down in a water-tight legal document and appropriately witnessed.

Whether you are looking for a new Will, updated Will, Family Trust, Lasting Power of Attorney or Probate Services, please contact our team at Simon Hall Will Writing Services on 01392 540 996 or via email You can also follow Simon on LinkedIn

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Simon Hall

Simon Hall is your friendly, but professional Will Writer. He started Simon Hall Will Writing Services in 2019 to provide clients with peace of mind both now and in future. The company, which has recently won two awards, offers Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate.