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What is the cost of a Will in Exeter?

If you have been considering the cost of a Will in Exeter, you may be aware that there are several options to choose from, depending on the level of assistance you require. At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we offer a full service that our clients across Devon & Cornwall and beyond have come to trust. More about that later, first let’s examine the cost of a Will in Exeter.

The cost of Wills in the UK ranges from ‘FREE’ to several hundred pounds. Will Writing Solicitors in Exeter can charge an hourly fee of about £200 to £300 per hour while some charities offer to do your Will for free, in the hopes that you will leave them a Legacy Gift.

While several well-known charities offer free Will Writing we suggest you only do this if you intend to include that charity in your estate. Such charities use reputable solicitors so you can expect to receive independent advice, but you may feel obliged to support the specific charity.

However, you don’t need to have your Will prepared by a solicitor. Solicitors charge an hourly rate and the hours can soon add up. They also don’t always have the best ‘bedside manner’. That is why most people use a professional Will Writer, who deals with the complexities of Estate Planning every day.

According to Money Helper, the cost of Wills in the UK range between £144 and £240 for a simple Will, while you can expect a complex one to be priced around £300 and Specialist Trusts at a minimum of £500 (including VAT). However this doesn’t allow for inflation at 11% so you can expect to pay more in 2023.

cost of a will in Exeter

The Cost of a Will in Exeter

These prices accurately reflect the cost of a Will in Exeter. At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we charge approximately £210 per Will and £355 for a Mirrored Will. We believe this to be a fair price for the work we do, always going the extra mile to make a positive impact concerning a subject most people don’t want to address.

This is why our Founder, Simon Hall has become well known across the Southwest of England as ‘Your friendly but professional Will Writer’. Our consultants are happy to travel across Devon and Cornwall providing free initial consultations in the privacy of your home, or you are welcome to come to our offices in Marsh Barton. For people living further afield, or for those who prefer it, we can also consult via video conferencing. (Zoom etc).

“Death is not a subject that people want to discuss, however we make it okay for them to talk about it,” says Simon, who has a positive, upbeat attitude coupled with sensitivity to a client’s specific circumstances. “I tell people to ‘Get your Will written and then get on with living the rest of your life.’ They may or may not do business with us, but at least we’ve helped them to understand the options available which can provide enduring peace of mind.

“The services we offer may be to plan a Legacy that can positively impact others for generations to come or discuss how to protect one’s lifesavings,” Simon continues. “We can also help clients maintain their quality of life through Lasting Power of Attorney. Some of our clients are in their late 70s or early 80s and are fearful about the future, so having a face-to-face conversation in the comfort of their home is hugely important to them. They may be concerned about having to let go of their control over their lives, however having Lasting Power of Attorney actually extends their independence for as long as possible.”

When considering the cost of a Will in Exeter, consider the knowledge, experience and personality of the Will Writer you choose. There are many caring, compassionate and professional Estate Planners to choose from in Devon and Cornwall. You just need to find one that is a good fit for you and your family, someone who is ‘warm, approachable and who makes things easy’ as Simon has been described in these reviews. Rest assured our Will Writers are highly professional and can accurately set out what you would like to do with your Estate and how you wish it to be distributed when you pass away.

“Generally most Will Writing appointments last for an hour, but the reality is we cannot make it a quick fix,” Simon concludes. “Clients need to have the time to discuss things that may have been on their minds for many years. So, we adapt our business model to what is right for you. At the end of our appointment, we always follow up with a summary email or letter. In some cases, further follow up meetings are arranged as you may need extra time and discussion to reach a conclusion you are happy with.”

Whether you are looking for a new Will, updated Will, Family Trust, Lasting Power of Attorney or Probate Services, please contact our team at Simon Hall Will Writing Services on 01392 540 996 or via email

Simon Hall Will Writing Services

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