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Life and Legacy, Simon Hall Will Writing Services Newsletter April 2024 - 2

Together we can embrace lifelong learning to enhance our lives and protect our legacy

Dear Reader

We appreciate our clients both old and new and want to keep you up to date on all things Estate Planning. At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we’re constantly learning and love to share helpful information, so we hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have one of our services in place, that’s great, we are here for you when you need another. We’ve just updated our website with answers to tough questions and we want to share our latest developments as a growing company.

All the best Simon and Linda


Life and Legacy Newsletter - LPA
Does the person I care for need an LPA?

Whether you are a carer or considering your own life, a Lasting Power of Attorney can save heartache.

How can I protect my minor children?

It’s essential for parents to consider what happens should they pass away while their children are minors.

Did Bruce pay enough inheritance tax?

Perhaps he should have gone for a a Trust – rather than a Will – Click to see why.

COMPANY NEWS – Celebrating a new season of growth!

Our company turns 5!

Simon started Simon Hall Will Writing Services on 7th February 2019. The past five years have been an exhilarating ride and we thank all our clients, colleagues and suppliers who have supported us.

The photograph shows us at the Your Partnerships 2024 Awards at the
Penventon Park Hotel.

Happy BIrthday Simon Hall Will Writing Services!

Simon and Linda Hall Your Partnerships
Wendy Mason-Tucker Simon Hall Will Writing Services

Introducing Wendy who has just joined the team!

We are pleased to welcome Wendy Mason-Tucker as our first Partner. She brings her own blend of warmth and professionalism to our clients.

We’re helping James make a difference in Africa

James Rainton (14) is on a school mission to help disadvantaged villagers in Kenya. Find out how he came to get our company cap and bag…

Linda Hall + James Rainton
Simon & Linda Hall - Devon Business Directory

Simon and Linda – ‘a Powerhouse business duo’

Devon Business says, “Simon and Linda are inspirational business leaders who are not only raising the bar of entrepreneurship but also alleviating apprehension around topics people find difficult to talk about.”


Connor Bowden, 
Yes! Mortgage Services

Connor is an Independent Mortgage Consultant we work closely with at BNI. He has turned difficult situations around for many of our clients and charges no broker fee. We’d be happy to put you in touch if you need a mortgage or remortage.

Simon and Connor Bowden
Simon Hall BNI


Do you know the difference between ‘joint tenants’ and ‘tenants in common’? My colleague Connor certainly knows how prudent it is to choose between these options to protect your home. This includes provisions for remarriage, bankruptcy and potential care, but it also protects your legacy. Find out more by speaking to your friendly but professional Will Writer!

Let’s stay in touch!

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