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Simon Hall Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

Meet Devon Will Writer, Simon Hall who has won several awards and offers a bespoke service

Devon Will Writer Simon Hall has had a diverse working career, from being a civil servant to car salesperson, pest control expert and multi-level marketing guru. However, he really found his niche when he started Simon Hall Will Writing Services in 2019. The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years with Simon’s wife Linda Hall, joining as a director in 2023. He speaks to business journalist, Al Gibson about his life and passion to help people prepare for the future.

AG: You must be one of the most networked people in Devon, known for your trademark smile and ability to connect with others easily. Yet you deal with serious and sensitive issues. How do you keep up your seemingly endless positivity?

Simon Hall: I find it fulfilling to help people plan ahead because that brings peace of mind. You’re right, Estate Planning is not a subject most people want to talk about. Some find it too complex or too daunting. I like to break legal scenarios down into everyday terms so they are more easily understood. I also find people are more relaxed to talk about their Estate in the comfort of their own home.

Being a naturally positive person, I can set people at ease and have a constructive conversation about the legacy they wish to leave. That in itself is a hugely positive thing. Yes, I enjoy networking, but I don’t see my role as being to sell anything to anybody. Rather my goal is to educate my clients so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Linda and I don’t see Will Writing as a ‘One size fits all’ service. Every Will is different and needs to be tailored for each person.

Where appropriate I try to lighten things up with a little humour, but that depends on the person. Remember our slogan is ‘friendly but professional.’ Whether we share a smile or not, people appreciate a personal, positive approach. Certainly, our customer feedback reflects this.

AG: Do you have any particular client feedback in mind?

Simon Hall: Yes, Joanna wrote, “Devon Will Writer, Simon was approachable throughout the process. He provided all the information we needed to make the choices that best fit our circumstances. The process was clear, efficient and delivered with a personable approach.”

I particularly liked this comment from James… “An excellent service which simplifies a field others seem to make mystifying. Simon and Linda Hall are a knowledgeable, proactive, good natured and patient guide to the process, leading you gently but firmly through it, and it is all done with a smile. Highly recommended.”

Anne-Marie said, “Simon came out to us at a time that suited us. He was very friendly, easy to talk to and legal jargon was kept to a minimum. Everything was explained thoroughly in plain English and the process took less than three weeks.”

Sarah said, “Simon is extremely professional and helpful, explaining all the steps and clearly advising on various points. I researched similar services and Simon’s company offers excellent value for money.”

At Simon Hall Will Writing Services it is our job to ensure our clients have clarity. In complex family situations or in blended families there can often be confusion and we bring a clear understanding of the various options available so they can decide exactly what they need to do. We also work at the speed our clients require. This can be a matter of weeks however we have produced Wills in a day where the situation has demanded it. Often, we watch the worry drain from people’s shoulders…

Simon Hall giving a presentation at BNI City Wall, Exeter.
Devon Will Writer, Simon Hall giving a presentation at BNI City Wall, at the Courtyard Marriott hotel at Sandy Park, Exeter.

AG: As you said, you are all about delivering peace of mind. Whether it is Wills, Trusts, LPAs, Probate etc. So, you work all kinds of different families. Tell us a little about your family.

Simon Hall: My mother, Marion is still going strong at the grand age of 96. She’s always been my guiding light. I’ve done some crazy things in my life, but she’s always been there for me as a constant source of encouragement.  So I am therefore a great believer in empowering one’s kids. My son Tom is 26 and has a career in recruitment in London. Each time I see him, he seems to have grown more as a person and now he is empowering others.

Then of course, there is my beautiful wife, Linda. We met during Lockdown and got married in August. We are now co-directors in the business and Linda is an amazing networker, in fact I think she will become far better than me! We live on a farm and to us it’s Heaven. We are so grateful to live in such an idyllic place on the edge of Dartmoor. It’s so important to be happy within your self.

AG: I hear you are also a big music fan?

Simon Hall: Yes, I kind of have an obsession with vinyl records and CDs. I have a ship container jam packed full of my favourite hits. I love music, it is a huge part of my life.

AG: Perhaps that accounts for your boundless energy / joie de vivre?

Simon Hall: Well I would say the ongoing energy comes from my 20 minutes of strength training each week with fit20. I have been meeting with a personal trainer each week for about four years and it has delivered incredible changes in my overall wellbeing. Not only has my strength increased, but I’ve been able to maintain my busy work schedule as well.

AG: As our colleague Duncan Attwood says, “Strength changes everything!” But you have a similar catchy slogan. How did you come up with the phrase, “friendly but professional Will Writer?”

Simon Hall: That came about through Elements Brand Management. My BNI associate, Chris Outlaw was able to help us fine tune our values and translate them into this headline that has worked extremely well. He has assisted us to build a much stronger brand and I am really pleased with the results. It has put us on a much higher footing.

AG: Indeed, our friendly but professional, Devon Will Writer has won several awards this past year…

Yes, we’ve won three awards and been finalists in others. Being English it’s hard to blow one’s own trumpet, but we appreciate the recognition! (You can find a full list in our blog post, Do I need an award-winning Will Writer?) I especially appreciated being recognised by BNI Devon & Cornwall as the ‘Member of the Year’ for our region. That’s because BNI has been a huge part of our business journey over the past five years.

AG: You and Linda are both members of BNI in different chapters and you head up Entrepreneur’s Circle in Exeter, so networking does play a key role in your lives?

Simon Hall: Yes, I am at the Exeter City Wall Chapter which meets on Wednesdays at 6:45 am and and Linda is at Great Western Newton Abbot which meets on Fridays at 6:45 am. We run Entrepreneur’s Circle in Exeter once a month, usually on the third Thursday at 5.45 pm.  Any of our clients who are in business are welcome to visit these meetings. They can email us at

AG: Finally, Simon, why would a client use a specialised Will Writing company rather than a solicitor?

Simon Hall: At Simon Hall Will Writing Services we write Wills most days of the week, so we have built up a wealth of experience based on diverse situations. We have had to learn all the different scenarios clients usually wish to discuss and how to apply them in each specific case. This tends to put us ahead of solicitors or charities that offer Will Writing services for free.

Wills are complex documents but we make them simple to understand. As Tony says “Devon Will Writer Simon and his wife Linda are absolutely incredible. They made writing a will (something we’d put off for years) so incredibly easy and simply removed all our concerns. Simon patiently explained all the legal terminology and put us at ease. This really is a first class and friendly service. Thank you both!”

AG: So what kind of clients are a good fit for you?

Simon Hall: In essence, our clients are absolutely everywhere. However, what we’re looking for ideally is someone who values their life, cares about others, particularly those who are close to them and is willing to sit down for 60 minutes and have a discussion. Our advice is free and there is no obligation to go ahead with a Will. However, for those that do, we in effect help them to maintain their quality of life, protect what they’ve got, save them money, and empower them to leave a legacy that can positively impact others for generations to come. Ultimately, it’s all about having peace of mind.


Al Gibson is a business journalist based in Exeter. He started Countdown Creative in 2020 offering copywriting services to local companies, charities and organisations.