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Simon Hall Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

“For me, it’s all about having Peace of Mind’, says Linda Hall of Simon Hall Will Writing Services

With 25 years of customer service, Linda Hall brings a wealth of expertise to Simon Hall Will Writing Services. More than that, she has a caring demeanour that instantly connects her with clients, and especially those who are anxious about their estate for whatever reason. “For me, it’s all about having peace of mind,” she says recalling a make-or-break situation where she felt she and Simon really made a difference…

Linda Hall, Simon Will Writing Services

More about that bittersweet story in a moment. Firstly, who is Linda Hall and how did she come to join Simon Hall Will Writing Services?

Introducing Linda Hall of Simon Hall Will Writing Services

Linda is a Lancashire lass, who grew up in Burnley, just a stone’s throw from the popular football club. Despite this, she’s not a big footie fan though that may have changed a bit since she met Simon, a staunch supporter of Plymouth Argyle. The two were introduced online in 2020  and managed to meet up in person for a coffee before Lockdown hit. The pandemic and its challenges seem like an age ago, but it can’t have been easy for Simon and Linda at the time. Thankfully those days are behind us, and the happy couple got married in August 2023.

Linda is a mother of three adult children. She has two sons, one of them is in the navy and she has a daughter who is expecting. She is also quite the entrepreneur, having run a dog grooming business for many years. An avid reader, she loves to read autobiographies especially of women in business… Her favourite is aptly entitled, ‘Bold As Brass‘, the story of the late Hilary Devey of Dragon’s Den fame who exemplified true grit, determination and personal sacrifice to build a successful distribution business.

Today, Linda is the co-director of Simon Hall Will Writing Services with a joint vision to provide tailored estate planning solutions that address each person’s specific circumstances. “We take a holistic approach that goes beyond Will Writing,” she says. “This means taking the time to understand individual needs and concerns in a patient and empathetic way, so we can provide the correct advice for each scenario and cover all legal requirements to safeguard our client’s financial assets.”

The company is known for its catchy slogan, ‘Your friendly, but professional Will Writer’, which is emblazoned on popup banners, jackets and they even have his and hers smart cars! Despite this strong branding, Linda says she is a bit of an introvert and prefers to work behind the scenes, taking client calls. “Customer service is what I am best at,” she says. “Give me a call, ask your questions and I will help find the solutions you need. And, if I don’t know the answer, I will find out!”

It is qualities like these that make Linda a highly connected networker! She assists Simon in hosting a monthly Entrepreneur’s Circle Local Meeting in Exeter and is also a member of BNI Great Western, a networking group in Newton Abbott that has passed over £3-million in referral business during the past year!

Both she and Simon are committed to extending Simon Hall Will Writing Services across the Southwest and hope to bring in new Partners / Will Writers to maximise their experience in Estate Planning and great customer service across Devon. More than this, Linda just has a great heart to serve.

A make-or-break situation

We asked Linda what a successful day would look like at Simon Hall Will Writing Services… or to recall a client scenario where she felt they had really accomplished something…

“I recall a sad situation where we had to turn a will around in a day… We got a call from a carer asking us to come and see an elderly gent who was in the last stage of his life, due to a battle with emphysema. He was fraught with anxiety about His Will as he wanted to change it. This was causing him great worry and he wasn’t sleeping at night. And, to add insult to injury, when we got there in the morning, he was awfully upset as some whiskey had been spilled on his hospital bed…

“Simon took the time to listen to his instructions and ensure he hadn’t lost capacity and was okay to testify. Simon then promised to come back later with the revised Will.  ‘Promise me one thing, that you will still be here at three o’ clock when I get back,’ he said, ‘don’t go anywhere.’

“When we returned later that afternoon, and the Will was signed, I encouraged this dear client by saying, ‘You can drink your whiskey now!’ He smiled, relieved and at rest.

“Then on the way home we got a call from the carer to say that he had passed.

“That was a bittersweet moment that I will always remember. Despite the sadness, we were glad that his wishes had been documented and that always gives us great job satisfaction, as each Will is put away safely for when it is needed.”

Linda sometimes accompanies Simon to witness Wills and other legal documents. She has been to care homes and Intensive Care Units to assist clients in various stages of palliative care, injury, or paralysis. However, that is not often the case, mostly they visit people in the comfort of their homes where there is no obvious immediacy. Linda remarks that this includes a lady in her eighties who said it suddenly dawned upon her, that “It’s time I wrote a Will!”  A timely reminder why you shouldn’t leave your Will to the last minute.

They say people who love animals tend to be good people. One cannot imagine how many different breeds of dogs Linda groomed in her long career. Unfortunately she can’t have a dog right now as she and Simon live on a farm surrounded by sheep. “We love the serenity of the countryside,” she says, “and if I can help people find that same peace of mind, knowing that their legacy is protected, then I’m happy.”

Connect with Linda Hall on LinkedIn or email her at with any questions you may have about Will Writing, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Trusts or Probate.

Simon Hall Will Writing Services

Simon Hall Will Writing Services was started by Simon Hall in 2019 to provide our clients with peace of mind both now and in future. We offer Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate.